March 22, 2005

Playlist Review of iBoom (boom box with iPod dock)

Playlist's review of the iBoom gives the iPod compatible boom box three, out of five, stars. The writer of the review, Dan Frakes, likes the iBoom simply because it's a boom box and it's one of the best ways to listen to your iPod outdoors. The review says that the iBoom's built-in FM tuner is very good and picks up radio stations very nicely and with very high-quality. There are some problems with the iBoom, though. The iBoom's buttons for controlling the radio are "funky" to use and it's volume buttons don't really work right. Oh ya, I almost forgot: the review says in italicized type:

Note: There have been reports around the Web of problems with the iBoom������s electrical system. Early iBoom models exhibited an issue where using the unit on AC power while batteries are installed������a difficult feat, as explained below������could cause the batteries to leak. According to a DLO spokesperson, current models have an internal protection circuit to prevent such problems. Consumers who purchased an early unit and have experienced this problem should contact DLO for a replacement.

Overall Dan Frakes says that "it������s such a unique product that even with these quirks, it������s a lot of fun to take to the beach or park������or just for hanging out in the back yard. In fact, if I had one word to describe the iBoom/BoomBag combo, it������s that: fun."


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