March 18, 2005

Mac mini Hacks

Mac Mini Hacks writes "The Mac mini is to be opened with a Putty knife as instructed by Apple however this method is leaving people's Mac minis in damaged conditions and in many cases the Mac mini would have scratches, seperation gaps, and other scars. Until Apple releases the Mac Putty Knife an alternative way is discussed at Mac Mini Hacks about opening the Mac mini without the putty knife, instead using network cabling to loop around the hooks through the vented slots on the side releasing each tab for easy opening."

Mac Mini Hacks appears to be a new website but the admin seems to know his way around the guts of a mini.

UPDATE: Clint Ecker in the comments alerted me to this thing that can also be used to open your mini.


Anonymous Clint Ecker said...

At we reported on a European company that's selling a Mac Mini disassembly kit that includes a special tool (presumably made of plastic) that shouldn't damage your case like a traditional putty knife:

3:08 PM  
Anonymous Clint Ecker said...

I hate to keep commenting on the same post (ha!) but we posted a non-destructive technique detailed by a poster at that uses wires to open the mini's case:

2:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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