March 17, 2005

Revised Blog Design

I have just updated the design of Tech info Blog! The new design, the product of two weeks work, is an optimized, fast-loading and more organized version of the old one. Here are some of the improvements to it:

1. No more blogroll! The blogroll I used to keep track of a portion of this sites links has been replaced by normal HTML links. Because there is no JavaScript used to load the links everything is much smoother now. Also, I have added a bunch of links to the list.

2. I have integrated that cool new ad type into my blog (look at the "Ad Links" box in the sidebar).

3. Featured items and cool items section! If you look at the middle of the sidebar you will see two new headings: Featured and Techni-Cool. Under the Featured heading I will be posting interesting articles from either this blog or other news sites. Under the Techni-Cool heading I will be posting interesting links and products.


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