March 21, 2005

More Realistic Google X

After all of that news about Google X (a JavaScript based Google home page that mimiced Apple's Dock feature in OS X), and the fact that Google as mysteriously taken it down, a lot of people have been making there own modifications to Google's X code. A couple of days ago Roger Roelofs emailed me with the code to the best modifications to Google's code yet: Google X 2. So I am now hosting the new Google X for him.

Google X 2 has a much more realistic feel to it compared to what it is trying to copy: the Dock feature in Apple's Mac OS X. The developer has told me that he has tried to write the code for Google X 2 so that people who wanted to learn can follow it. One last note: Google X 2 does not work correctly in IE5 for Mac.


Ignorant Cow said...

Kinda laggy. o_o

8:31 AM  
Jason said...

Nice, but mine is smoother. Still good to see people working on alternatives.

8:01 PM  
Roger said...

Jason, I liked yours, in terms of its smoothness. I like mine because it is truer to the original inerface. I scanned through your javascript. Nice code. Also, on an unrelated note, I was contemplating adding the css necessary to make it attach to the right or left edge of the window as a user option (No javascript changes should be necessary). Is there enough interest for me to take the time to do that?

8:42 PM  
Sam Krupa said...


I am guessing there would be a lot of interest in any revisions you make.

I am guessing this because a lot of people are visiting GoogleX2 without a refer. That probably means they are making it their home page.

9:09 PM  
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