March 16, 2005

Linspire Released Linspire (you know, LIndows) 5.0

The Register is running a story about the new Linspire 5.0, the easy to use Linux. It says that that the new Linspire "boasts 1,200 improvements across every core application." That is amazing! I would guess most of the improvements are to the core code. A review of the new Linux flavor is mostly positive, the only real problems were that fact that you needed to buy the software for playing DVDs separate and that the audio did not work. Linspire says that the sound issue, along with a host of other kinks, has been rectified since the review. And also to Linspire's defense:
DVD playback software is just $9.95 for European users.

UPDATE: An email I got just minutes ago informs me that since I am a CNR member I get this new Linux flavor for free!! Yay!


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