March 11, 2005

Apple's Mac mini vs. a Windows Based VIA Mini-ITX System

ExtremeTech has a comparison of Apple's small Mac mini and a slightly-larger Windows based Machine, the Casetronic Travla. The Casetronic Travla is about the same price as a Mac mini when both are configured with the same specs (in the roundup both are about $600 and both have a 1.2GHz CPU). The Mac mini is about a inch shorter then the Casetronic Travla, and in my view a lot more stylish. The comparison shows that the Mac mini has better, higher quality, DVD playback, is quieter when idle (louder when the CD drive is spinnen'), and can encode music about twice as fast as it's Windows counter-part. And the Man mini includes Apple's software suite. The Casetronic Travla gets totally owned.


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