March 8, 2005

CherryOS: Run Mac OS X on Your PC

Remember that supposed software known as CherryOS that would let you emulate a Mac processor on your PC so you could run Mac OS X? Now you can buy it for $49.95 and try a demo, I am giving the demo a try (I have a Mac and a PC so I have the Mac install disk required). I am wondering if it is based on that PearPC thing. Keep reading this post to stayed tuned about how my installation of OS X on my PC goes.

UPDATE: I have installed the CherryOS software and I am now "Formatting newly created HPFS Volume." Being a Mac user I know there is no-such thing as a "HPFS Volume" so I do not know what the CherryOS creators are thinking. The interface is a bit weird. Once I have some other news I will update this post, again.

UPDATE: I had the wrong CD in, right one in now. The part of OS X installation I have just experienced shows that this thing actually runs OS X pretty fast on my AMD 2600+.

UPDATE: I had some problem where CherryOS would keep quitting. So I took action: I uninstalled CherryOS and reinstalled. Redoing install of OS X.

UPDATE: It appears that CherryOS quits when I try to install certain CDs but does quit when I run others.

UPDATE: I have posted some pictures of part of one of my unsuccessful installs.

UPDATE: This CherryOS would let me boot my Mac OS X upgrade CDs but not my full Mac install CD (I think it is because those are Mac specific). So I can boot a Mac on the CD but I can not install it!!! Trying some workarounds now.

UPDATE: Okay, I give-up. I can not get this to work!!! I am guessing it is because I do not have a plain Mac OS X CD.

UDATE: The same CD that did not work in CherryOS worked great in PearPC! I am now running OS X 10.1 fine on my PC and am currently upgrading to 10.3. Screenshots to come sooon!


Anonymous said...

Looks like CherryOS aren't what the company says... I'll wait for the next release of PearPC...

2:53 PM  
ahmad said...

Would be nice if this worked, but sometimes I don't see the point. Owning a Mac is a much more elegant solution :)

4:10 AM  
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