March 9, 2005

Exact Color of the iPod shuffle Green

I am sure you know of that green used on the back of the iPod shuffle and all of Apple's marketing for the small iPod. But do you know the exact color and its RGB, CMYK, and HTML values? Here are those (as far as I can tell) exact colors and how I found them:

HTML value: #67CE3D

RGB value: R: 104 G: 206 B:62

CMYK value: C:60 M:0 Y:99 K:0

I found the HTML value of the green by looking at this css file on Apple's website. I found the RGB and CMYK values of the green by taking the picture at the top of the iPod shuffle product page and taking a color sample of a 3 by 3 average sample of the dark green stripe.


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Anonymous said...

RGB: 103,206,61
CMYK: 67,0,100,0

6:12 PM  

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