February 18, 2005

iPod mini Moving to Color Screen?

Think Secret is reporting that Apple will switch it's iPod mini product line to 6GB hard drives and color screens within the next two weeks and it will still have the same $250 price. Apple can make the switch to color screens because the price of full-color active-matrix TFTs have come down. Think Secret is also saying that Apple will switch the regular iPod to color "later this year." First I thought: huh? Why would Apple make a $600 iPod photo then release this? Here is my answer to myself: The expensive part of the iPod photo must be the picture-decoder, which means these new iPods will proably not be able to display pictures. You will proably need an iPod photo for that.


justrelac said...

woah woah woah... nice info, my ipod is in the sunset days of its life, so i'm glad there's some cool stuff on the horizon

7:50 PM  

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