February 16, 2005

Update on Napster Loophole

An update to my previous article about using a loophole in Winamp and Output Stacker plug-in to burn about 250 CDs from Napsters non-CD burnable files, during the 14-day free trial. Well the author of that hack has posted an update to that. The update raises the amount of CDs you can make in the same amount of time substationally higher.


Anonymous said...

It would be very nice to use it, but it seems Napster only works for U.S.

It seems the only solution for us out there would be if someone in the U.S. could make a trial registration.

Would somebody be able to do it so that I would be able to download some Springsteen albums??? Of course after 13 days the account would be cancelled...

rgranc at gmail dot com

5:03 AM  

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