October 22, 2004

FreeiPods.com [Part 5]

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So it's been about 4 weeks since a signed up w/ FreeiPods.com. I have had 9 people sign up but only 1 complete a offer (you need five people to complete offers to get a iPod), so if you want to help out you can sign up and complete a offer using this link (must be this link): http://www.freeiPods.com/default.aspx?referer=9218378

BTW. Some people think that it is impossible to get a Free iPod for reasons other than this being a scam (which might be, probably not though). One of the reasons is that they think that you need to get 5 people to complete a offer that those people need to get 5 more people to complete a offer etc. etc. This is not true, all that is required is that I get 5 people to complete 1 offer each.


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