September 21, 2004 [Part 4]

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Okay, so I have seven people signed up to but only 1 person completed a offer. I need 5 people to complete a offer, so If you want to help me you can complete a offer then send me a email using the same email you used to signed up with (IMPORTANT) and tell me if you would want a email address or maybe some web space on my server or even a Gmail account. YOU MUST SIGN UP USING THIS LINK:


Anonymous said...

Hey, this is Ernest from Pixel Sage.

I've seen this offer. Take into mind that for you offer to be completed, all 5 of your referers need to complete their offer. In order for those 5 referers to complete their offer, they need their own 5 referers to complete the offer. It goes on forever, so no one will end up completing their offer.

Anyways, maybe I got something wrong or read this/that part of the website incorrectly, so I guess its worth a try?

3:36 PM  
Sam Krupa said...

No, this is NOT a scam it was on CNN as not being a scam. And no, only the person directly conected to you needs to sign up. They don't need anybody to sign up under them.

4:23 PM  
Anonymous said...

Just because its on CNN doesn't mean it isn't bull shit....

1:44 AM  
Sam Krupa said...

Well than will find out won't we?

8:22 AM  

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