October 18, 2004

World of Warcraft!

Preorder your copy of World of Warcraft, another MMORPG, for $29.82 at WalMart, expected to ship 11/22/2004. Pretty good deal, except for the fact that it's probably going to be another $12 a month(And I am guessing that is how they are going to make money).

They also have a collector's edition expected to ship the same date if you're interested.

[Thanks, Kevin Rose, and Jake Jarvis]


Anonymous said...

Ernest from Pixel Sage (again, since last month).

Anyways, did you ever get your free iPod from that website? Just wanted a followup.

6:52 PM  
Sam Krupa said...

No, I did not get the required amount of people to sign-up.

P.S. Can you email me a graphic (about 80x31) I can use to link to you!

6:57 PM  
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