September 17, 2004 Scam? Lets find out! has actually been on CNN, so we think it's legit. Here is how works: you sign up with them, then you are required to sign up for a service (they have a list of about 10) using you credit card, you can cancel the service later. Then you have to get 5 other people to do the same. Then they will send you your choice of a iPod mini, regular iPod or a $250 iTunes gift certificate. That's why I need some people to sign up, I will try to get the people who sign up and complete a offer FREE GMAIL INVITES or maybe some server space on my website or I could make them a web button or something. Once you sign up you must complete one offer. Try to sign up for something that you can cancel before you get charged. You must follow this link to sign up:

B.T.W. I will keep I guys informed about how this is going!


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