October 1, 2004

Dangerous New Bagle Variant on the Loose!

According to Trend Micro's description, the message comes from a spoofed address. The subject line is either "Re: Hi!," "Re: Thank you!," or "Re: Thanks :)," and the message body is always ":))." The message comes with an attachment with a file name of "Joke" or "Price," which has an extension of either ".com," ".cpl," ".exe," or ".scr."

Once the user runs the executable, it drops a copy of itself in the user's Windows System folder and sets Windows to load it when the computer boots up.
The worm attempts to propagate by copying itself to shared folders for LANs and peer-to-peer networks, and through a conventional e-mail distribution using a built-in SMTP engine. It attempts to terminate a large number of security-related programs, such as anti-virus software.

In keeping with Bagle tradition, it also attempts to interfere with the Netsky worm by removing several registry keys used by Netsky and creating mutexes, which are variables in the operating system that Netsky checks for.

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