September 27, 2004

1 Terabyte Optical Storage Disks, Just what we need.

I found this bit of news at Slashdot:
"Physicists at Imperial College London described a new method for potentially encoding and storing up to one Terabyte of data, or 472 hours of film, on one optical disk the size of a CD or DVD. Maybe it won't be as large, as 100TB holographic optical storage, but still should be enough to fit every episode of The Simpsons on one disk. Dr Török, Lecturer in the Department of Physics, believes that the first disks could be on the shelves between 2010 and 2015."

I don't even have a total of 20gb of data. So unless in the future the average file size is 50mb this would probably on help companies that have large data bases because it's even to big for movies (as far as I know).


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