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September 27, 2004

Can you understand this paragraph?

This is a excerpt from a article I read about the 1 terabyte CDs, can you understand it, I can't:

Michael invented and patented the world's first and only concept for non-contact UV photon induced electric field poling of ferroelectric non-linear photonic bandgap crystals, which offers the possibility of controlling and manipulating light within a UV/Deep Blue frequency of 1 nm to 400 nm.


Anonymous said...

It's simple. He's patented the concept for a ! terabyte CD that uses a specific narrow band of UV to read/right the media. The frequency of the UV ray is Deep Blue or also known as 1nm 400nm (nm = nano meter)
The CD would be made up of the ferroelectric non-linear photonic bandgap crystals. The so called "laser" that would burn te discs would be the non-contact (no touch) photon induced electric field "poling" (taking samples or reding/writing) of the disc (ferroelectric non-linear photonic bandgap crystals) and thereby making it possible to control or manipute by use of the UV/Deep Blue Frequency wich is 1nm to 400nm.



P.S. What did I win? :-)

4:04 PM  
Sam Krupa said...

Wow, that's amazing. Are you a rocket engineer? Do you want a email address that would forward to your current email address?

4:14 PM  
Anonymous said...

I did make reference to this being a 1 terabyte CD, like this the OP, I'm not sure if it can be called a CD if it is 1 terabyte in size. The larger CD type discs we have today are called DVDs and not CDs. So perhaps they might be knon as NLDs, FPDs, USDs, DPDs, PUDs, UDs or BSDs. Who knows what they will call it and what letters it will be known by.


4:16 PM  
Sam Krupa said...

Daisy, do you think I should have a daily website of the day?

4:21 PM  
Anonymous said...

Haha! Sam you are funny! I'm not a rocket scientist. The description you posted sound simple and futuristic. I can't tell you if it is a fantasy or if it is reality. I hope we have 1 terabyte discs for burning in my lifetime. I'm sure they will have thm or something like it in your lifetime. I'd like to see a 1 terabyte version of those thumb drives. I think it would be great to be able to walk around with 1TG in your pocket. Especially if they can get the prices down to match hard drives. Heck they could go solid state as long as they were fast. IMO


4:27 PM  
Anonymous said...

You mean like you search and post a "site of the day" type of thing? It might be cool. You will have to see if it is worth your time. This site will start eating away at your time and your life. You may find you are better off using the time to learn new programming skills or learing to design hardware. You can always try it and see if it bring you more traffic...
I need to send you a private email about your email offer. I'll try to get to that tonight. (I'm on west coast time)


4:37 PM  
Anonymous said...

Where did you find this article at? I've been looking for info on the 1TB disk for like 2 yrs when I first heard about it.

11:53 AM  
Anonymous said...

sorry forgot to sign.

11:56 AM  

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