September 27, 2004

From my inbox: Special Offer for the Koss QZ50 Noise Cancellation Stereophone

I got this in my email from sunday that has a offer for 25% of a 2nd pair of headphones, it does not look like a great offer but here it is :
There's been a lot of noise about noise cancellation stereophones. They
provide the best escape from the annoying hums and buzz of the world around
you. Get yours today and enjoy peaceful listening from any laptop, DVD or
MP3 player with the Koss QZ50 Noise Cancellation Stereophone. Order by
October 31, 2004 and receive 25% off a second QZ50 for a friend. Valid for
US customers only.

To take advantage of this great offer:
1. Click the link below
2. Add the QZ50 to your cart
3. Change quantity ordered to 2
4. Enter coupon code 92404 at check out|QZ50


P.S. I am having a problem getting the special offer page to open!


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