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February 23, 2005

Gmail-Lite Upgrade to .8

Being the host of the official Gmail-Lite demo site I have upgraded my demo to the latest version, .8. Gmail-Lite is a PHP program that lets you log-into your Gmail account using a HTML-only interface (no Javascript like Google's Gmail home-page), perfect for using Gmail on mobile devices! Version .8 lets you send up to 10 Gmail invites at one time (try doing that with Google's Gmail home-page!), has a new color scheme, lets you display HTML-formatted email and external images, and even lets you download all attachments as a zip file (that is really going to put a load on my server).


Anonymous said...

But gmail doesn't use any Java at all.. do you mean the completely separate language "JavaScript"

5:46 AM  
Sam Krupa said...

I meant that! Well, I have changed it! Thanks!

6:48 AM  
Anonymous said...

be even better if you could forward emails. The one thing what is missing what i would love to be able to do.

8:17 PM  
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