February 22, 2005

64-bit Pentium 4 Review

ExtremeTech has a review of the latest 64-bit offerings from Intel. Intel has added a few new features to its latest desktop CPU line. They are Support for EM64T (x86-64) instructions, Enhanced SpeedStep power management technology (similar to the Pentium-M), Cache increased to 2MB from the previous 1MB, and NX bit (execute disable) in hardware. The beefed up L2 cache has increased the die size from the original 112 mm2 to 135 mm2, and still uses the LGA775 package that originated with the Intel 900 series chipsets. Transistor count has also increased, to 169M from 125M. The priciest of the chips will cost $999 for a thousand. The article says that if you are a gamer you should stick with the AMD 64-bit chips but if you are using it for office work the 64-bit Intel is the better option.