December 30, 2004

Fight Phishing with the Netcraft Anti-Phishing Toolbar

The Netcraft Toolbar uses Netcraft's enormous databases of web site information to show you all the attributes of each site you visit on the Web, including the sites' hosting location, country, longevity and popularity. This is good for the exact reason the site mentions, clear display of sites' hosting location at all times helps you validate fraudulent urls (e.g. the main online banking site of a large US bank is unlikely to be hosted in the former Soviet Union). Also, the Netcraft Anti-Phishing Toolbar happily coexists with Google and other Toolbars.

Firefox users: Development of a Firefox version of the toolbar is underway, and started just before Christmas. It will available as soon as possible.


Fistolio said...

I've been using Alexa for years for much the same thing - when it didn't break my browsers, that is.

I'm not sure about Firefox. I have V0.91 or somesuch and attempts to install 1.0 on my W98 box just crashed with some Java error.

Firefox has an abysmal history list. I keep 3 years worth of sites visited history in IE (I'd keep 10 years if I could). Not only is it awful, it takes a whole minute on a P500 to sort a few hundred sites.

I'll have to give the Netcraft one a go.

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