December 29, 2004

sub-$500 Mac Without A Screen to be Released at Expo

ThinkSecret is preaching (literally) that Apple is working on a screen-less Mac that will sell for $499 and will be announced at this year's Macworld Expo (January 11). The new Mac, code-named Q88, will be part of the iMac family and is expected to sport a PowerPC G4 processor at a speed around 1.25GHz. The new Mac is said to be incredibly small and will be housed in a flat enclosure (unlike the artist rendition I have) with a height similar to the 1.73 inches of Apple's Xserve. Its size benefits will include the ability to stand the Mac on its side or put it below a display or monitor. ThinkSecret is saying that the target market for this thing will be the Windows people who bought iPods and love the easy interface of it and its sister-software iTunes.


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