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December 16, 2004

Agent18 ClickShield 20GB

The website shows this listing for some so called "ultra-durable polycarbonate cover for your iPod.":
The Click Shield by Agent 18 is an ultra-durable polycarbonate cover that is strong, light and practically invisible. Supports 20GB iPod with Click Wheel.

This sure looks like something cool (and will probably save many iPods world-wide)! I went to the companies website and they said they will be taking orders for it soon.


Anonymous said...

Beware of the Agent18 clickshield scam. They charge you about $32 and you get the clickshield alright - but regardless of whatever your ipod is, they send you the clickshield for the 20gb - obviously, if you have a 40gb or a 20gb photo - this is a problem. Customer support is lousy - they promised to send a replacement - nothing happened. Left with an ipod case that won't fit, robbed of $32 and no response from customer support. Avoid like plague!

7:33 PM  
Lokin said...

I was hoping to get a 20gb one, and it lists currently for about 12.95

5:21 PM  
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