December 14, 2004

1TB of Free Email Storage!

Have you already used up all your storage on your Gmail account? Then you need a Hellacious Riders account! They offer 1TB of free storage! However, my friend didn't find the user interface very friendly. See for yourself.

[Thanks, Technology News, Etc.]


Jacob said...

Good God i cant tell if its real or not i signed up but so far i havnt gotten the email i sent myself... if this is real i think i will have a stroke.

11:26 PM  
Anonymous said...

it has only been 23 years since Bill Gates supposedly said (though he denies it) that 640K of memory should be enough for anyone. At that time there were no hard drives and 640k exceeded the storage capacity of the floppy disks that were the main. Now free gigabyte mail accounts are the norm. It is an amazing time to be alive!


2:53 AM  
Rex said...

That's interesting. The interface does suck.
However 107374182.4 Mb != 1TB, as far as I know. Wouldn't 1 TB be about 1,000 MB, or is the 107374182.4 number in mega BITS?

3:46 PM  

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