iPodulator for Webmasters: Create an iPod-compatible Version of Your Site

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Give your readers an easy way to read your web content on their iPods using iPodulator! Simply enter your website name and URL, starting with HTTP:// (if your site has an RSS feed it is recommended you use that, start it with HTTP://) above and hit "iPodinate!" This will give you the code you need to add to your site. That code will place this image on your site (88x31):

Add the code wherever you want the image to come up. When your readers click on the image they will be brought to a special page that expalins to them how to put your site on their iPods easily.

Here are the limitations of reading on your iPod using the Notes feature:
1. The Notes folder on your iPod can hold very large text files, but iPod can only display the first 4 kilobytes (KB) of text, or about 4096 characters. (more info)
2. Only compatible with these iPods:
The Notes feature is available on iPod models with a dock connector including:

* iPod mini
* iPod photo
* iPod (Click Wheel)
* iPod (with Dock Connector)