iPodulator: Create iPod-compatible Reading
Project archived.

A new and improved version of iPodulator that automatically updates your iPod and and has no size limitation is out! It's iPodulator Pro.

Enter a URL above (starting with HTTP://) and hit "iPodinate." It will take a moment to process. The URL can be a web page or an RSS feed. For webpages, always see if there is a "printer-friendly" version for iPodulation. This will give you a plain text formatted version of the site you enter, perfect for reading on your iPod. Note: the page will look badly formatted on your computer. Don't worry, it will look great on your iPod.

To save it to your iPod: After hitting "iPodinate," use the "Save As" command in your web browser (usually found in the "File" menu) to save this file to the "Notes" folder of your iPod (Apple's instructions) or save it to someplace on your computer for later copying to the "Notes" folder. That's it!
To read the file on your iPod: On your iPod:
1. Go the beginning of your iPod's menus. Select Extras and you will see a range of options including Notes.
2. Select Notes and you will see all files and folders inside the Notes folder.

Here are the limitations of reading on your iPod using the Notes feature:
1. The Notes folder on your iPod can hold very large text files, but iPod can only display the first 4 kilobytes (KB) of text, or about 4096 characters. (more info)
2. Only compatible with these iPods:
The Notes feature is available on iPod models with a dock connector including:

* iPod mini
* iPod photo
* iPod (Click Wheel)
* iPod (with Dock Connector)

For those crazy about bookmarklets! Here is the iPodulator bookmarklet (clicking it will create an iPodulated version of whatever your looking at):
To install:
Drag the link above to your bookmarks bar (in some browsers), or just copy the link and add it as a bookmark.

iPodulator for Webmasters
Give your readers an easy way to read your site on their iPods!