March 4, 2005

Free Windows Laptop Light?

If you go to this page (which I believe is hosted on Microsoft's servers) you will see at the top that its says "Please enter the Survey Code number found on your letter in the space below to get your complimentary Microsoft Windows Embedded Resource Guide and USB Laptop Computer Light."

Here is that code: DG05104@00490672 (I tried some bogus codes and this is the only thing that works)

I just ordered mine! Will get back with you guys if I get my Light Laptop!

UPDATE: Fixed the code, I had left out a letter, sorry!

UPDATE: Looks like you can change the last few digits of the code and get another valid one! Don't know why you would want to do that though, unless each code only ships on laptop light. Hmm.


Jake Jarvis said...

It would be cool if this were real... I'm waiting for someone else to get their's before I order mine. Do they have any pictures of the light on the website?

Keep us updated!

9:34 PM  
Sam Krupa said...

No pics on the site, will keep you updated.

9:53 PM  

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