March 2, 2005

Buy Gmail Account With Special HTML (only) View Feature

I had reported earlier on my blog that Google is slowly rolling-out a way to view messages in Gmail accounts in only HTML (not JavaScript). I have one of those accounts that have the HTML-only view option (the same on I used in my report). Well, I have decided to sell in on eBay! Here is the link to the auction.

UPDATE: Stop the presses!!! I have just lowered the priced of the auction for this rare item to a paltry $3. I will email the username and password of the account to the winner personally as well!


91702 said...

You got to Love EBAY!!! You can sell anything. I am sure someone will buy just amazes me .....Good Luck...

By the page ROCKs!!!

12:59 PM  
Matt said...

Did you mean "paltry" by any chance? I don't think you meant 3 chicken dollars or something lol.

8:21 PM  
Sam Krupa said...


9:59 PM  

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