January 21, 2005

PC Mag Reviews iPod shuffle: 4 Stars

PC Mag has a great review of Apple's iPod shuffle. It covers the quality of the audio output saying that it is has dead-flat frequency response, less harmonic distortion, and most notably, better bass response than its bigger siblings. The older iPods, especially the Mini, have been rightfully criticized for being somewhat deficient in bass, and although the bigger players have flat frequency response, they have trouble sustaining big bass notes. The article also goes on to say: The shuffle had no sonic flaws that are detectable. Harmonic distortion does show up in the last two clicks on the volume control, but to run it that loud, you'd have to be deaf or crazy. For such a diminutive player, the iPod shuffle was extraordinarily loud. We measured an in-ear music peak of 106 dB (louder then legal in some countries), and the shuffle had no problem sustaining 100 dB levels on loud rock tracks. At that level, extended use of the shuffle could damage your hearing. PC Mag did have a problem with the iPod shuffle not having a screen though (the reason for the 4 instead of 5 star rating).