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January 3, 2005

Free Stuff Roundup

On the web there are a lot of ways to get some free cash (or iPods or whatever), most of them require you enter a malling list or sign-up for a offer. Here are some sites that I found that give you free stuff (after you meet the requirements): is the holy grail of free stuff on the internet. The company that runs this program, Gratis Internet, is totally legit. In order to get your free iPod your must sign-up for one offer and get 5 other people to sign-up to an offer using your referral code. There is a common misconception that it is impossible to get a free iPod because the 5 people that sign-up under you must get 5 people to sing-up who in turn must get 5 people to sign-up just for you to get a free iPod etc. etc. This is not true. The five people that sign-up under you must only complete one offer themselves in order for this to work. If you want to help me with getting five people to sign-up to a offer you can use my referral link to join Here it is: is the big brother of (above) and is run by the same company. The only difference is that in order to get your free Photo iPod your must sign-up for a offer and then get 10 friends to sign up for one offer through your referral link. works exactly the same as (above) except instead of a free iPod you get either a free LCD screen or a TV. Also instead needing 5 people to sign-up under you requires 8.

Lightspeed Consumer Panel
I have looked at this one a bit and here is how it works: You go through the extensive sign-up process with Lightspeed then you take additional surveys with other companies though Lightspeed. For every Survey you are either entered into a contest or awarded Lightspeed points which can be redeemed for cash or prizes.

Survey Networks
After signing-up to Survey Networks (which in it self places you in a contest) you are able to enter many other surveys. Each survey you enter gives you a chance to win prizes and special offers. This is not the best site on the internet to get free stuff because you are only being entered into contests with a chance to win something.

I can not vouch for this site. LuckySurf is a lottery site. Basically you just sign-up for offers or surveys through them and then for everything you sign-up for you are entered into a lottery.

I can not vouch for this site either. Here is how EZSweeps works: You sign-up to EZSweeps (which enters you into a $5 million dollar contest) then you can enter lots of other constantly changing contests. is a mailing list site that lists ways to get free stuff and the things you need to do to get it. I signed-up for their mailing list and have not noticed any increase in spam. is basically the same as it is a mailing list site that lists free things on the net and what you need to do to get it.

There you have it, a list of places to get free stuff on the internet! Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Freeee stuf!

8:32 AM  
Anonymous said...

For anyone starting up with the freeflatscreens offer... a new conga line is now open at

5:31 PM  
passing urine test said...

free stuff - useless stuff.

12:12 PM  
me2press said...

I found a site to get free business and trade magazines for free. There is no catch and they do not ask for a credit card. They have many titles to pick from.

I get the eweek magazine from them and it is a great IT magazine.

10:30 AM  
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