November 4, 2004

Dow Up 181 Pts., Oil Under $49 a Barrel!!!!!!!!

I just had to put that there! From Reuters:

U.S. stocks rallied on Thursday to session highs as oil prices tumbled more than $2, while tobacco and food company Altria Group Inc. surged after its CEO said it may split into two or three entities.


Anonymous said...

Stock market goes up and our lives go to the dogs. 51% of my fellow Americans are total nuts to keep an evil leader. It makes no sense! Bush must have brain washed you or bought you off with those little temporaary tax breaks. Boy are you stupid. We will all be paying $3 to $5 for a gallon of gasover the next 4 years. Any now you can be assured that we will have 4 more wars. Sometime in te next 4 years some other country will take pre-emptive action on us. But to those 51% of you will still have your heads up and locked!

4:51 AM  
Anonymous said...

Yeah, and the rich will get richer! At least for the next 4 years! ;-)

1:42 AM  

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