November 2, 2004

Were We Stand

Over the last couplle of weeks I have made a plethora of changes/additions to the Tech info Blog! these include:

1. iTunes song links in the side-bar. If you click on one of these links it takes you to that song in iTunes, if you buy that song or any other song in a 24 hour period I get a commission (you can click the link again to begin another 24 hour period). Don't know what iTunes is? Get some more info here.

2. I think I have fixed the problem of my darn Google Ads not changing *yay*

3. You will see different cool tech items from our sponsors in the side-bar also, please feel free to check these out!

4. I have set-up something of a link-exchange thing. Get some more info here!

5. I have started a "Website of the Day" but I am out of ideas for it, so email your site or any other one here

I also plan on doing this stuff soon:

1. Work on a better commenting system.

2. Maybe, just maybe if I start getting real income from this site I can have random tech prize giveaways!


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