October 17, 2004

CherryOS is a Hoax

To few people's surprise, the story is (supposedly) coming out on
Monday from Wired.com's Leander Kahney (who seemed most taken with the

From Chris O. on the Titanium Mailing list from TheMacintoshGuy.com:
"CherryOS is not only a hoax, Leander Kahney was used as the medium to
get the story to Wired.com, and subsequently Slashdot, so a small
company named VX30 in Hawaii could stress test a Java based streaming
media application they developed.

The CherryOS application turned out to be a rip-off of an open source
GPL project called PearPC. What started out as humor from Slashdot may
turn into lawsuit from FSF against CherryOS (if the product is ever
Leander Kahney will be reporting all the details on Wired.com on


Anonymous said...

When you "borrow" someone's words, it's customary to attribute them to the person you "borrowed" them from.

2:48 PM  
Sam Krupa said...


2:50 PM  
"Fanteja" said...

Basically that person means... give credit where it is due...

I mean that info you took is probably copyrighted... and you stole it

8:51 PM  

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