October 25, 2004

New Treo 650 Smartphone

-The new Treo 650 has a a bunch is of improvements of the older Treo 650. Here are the differences between the 600 and the 650 from Palm's website:

-Bluetooth wireless technology -- Now connecting to other Bluetooth wireless devices is a snap.

-Sharper display -- The vibrant 320x320 touchscreen, with more than 65,000 colors, is easy to read -- even in sunlight.

-Built-in MP3 player -- Add an expansion card (sold separately) to take thousands of favorite tunes anywhere simply by transferring MP3 files from the desktop.
Word, Excel, and PowerPoint -- View, edit, and create Word- and Excel-compatible documents and view PowerPoint-compatible attachments.

-Removable battery -- Carry an extra battery and swap it out for additional power on the fly.

-Nonvolatile memory -- Data and applications are safe while you change batteries or if you lose power.

-Better camera now captures video, too -- The improved, built-in camera takes better pictures in low light -- and it includes 2x zoom and a mirror for self-portraits.

-Combined text and picture messaging -- Send and receive text messages, photos, or video clips from one application with a single Inbox.

-Improved keyboard and button layout -- Typing is even more finger-friendly with the improved keyboard. Navigation buttons are all centrally located for faster access.

-Easier email setup -- A new desktop wizard detects most email services and prompts you through VersaMail setup


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