April 15, 2005

Comcast Goes Out Three Times in a Week

Over the last week my Comcast internet has gone out three times (gosh!). An article over at InternetWeek explains why:

The outages were related to "issues" with the company's domain name system, which makes it possible for customers' computers to locate websites and send and receive e-mail. Comcast is upgrading its network, but it's not clear whether the recent problems are related.

"We're still working on these issues, so they don't reoccur," Russo said, declining to give further details.

On Thursday, the Comcast network was operating normally, Russo said.

"Right now, to the best of my knowledge, all our customers have full Internet access," she said.

Here are instructions to help me (and you maybe you) get around the internet problem by changing DNS info.


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