February 6, 2005

New Site Launched

I have been negotiating with my advertisers for a while and have finally been able to put together a free Apple product site that gives away free iTunes gift cards and Apple iPod shuffles. The site I have created will replace the conga site I had started because I am getting reports that people are signing-up from the conga but not actually completing offers (I guess the motivation system I implemented does not work very well) , also there are a lot of better ones if you don't want to use my new free stuff site.

It works like a lot of other free stuff sites (but I have it setup so only you have to complete offers): You signup for offers, each offer you signup for gives your account some money. The reason it takes so long for you to receive your product (other than the fact that iPods are usually back-ordered) is that it takes about 4-9 weeks for my partners to send me the checks. Also a lot of the offers do not require a credit card.


Matt said...

looks good I hope it's successful

11:40 PM  
Myles said...

PLEASE tell me that I, in Canada, can use this thing. I have been waiting SO long for one I can use.

6:47 AM  

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