January 17, 2005

Order Status: iPod shuffle

When I go jogging I use my not-very-good Audible compatible and MP3 compatible MP3 player with 64MB of RAM. So when Apple released the iPod shuffle I knew it was time for a upgrade, especially with the 512MB RAM, iTunes AutoFill, and it works as a thumb drive, and all for under $100 bucks. So I ordered my iPod shuffle on 01/14/2005 and it says on my Order Status page that it will ship on or before
02/08/2005, three days more then the estimated 2-3 weeks delay. Expect a in-depth review with lots of pictures as soon as I get the iPod shuffle.


Myles said...


I have a 64MB Player too, loads of problems.

What I think I'll do is save up enough to get a 512MB iPod shuffle and a Mac Mini.

12:48 PM  

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