January 08, 2005

MSN Answer to Question: "How can I get MSN Music downloads to play on my iPod?"

This page has MSN's answer to this question: "How can I get MSN Music downloads to play on my iPod?" Here is their answer:

The iPod does not currently support the Windows Media Audio (WMA) format and will not natively play any songs purchased from MSN Music, or any other Windows Media-based music service.  If you are an iPod owner and would like to play MSN Music songs on your iPod, you can send feedback to Apple and ask them to change their policy and add support for the Windows Media format.

I think it is funny that they have an entire support page about why the iPod does not support their lousy music service when Microsoft says that the iPod is not that great. Why not just have a general page saying that not all music players support their service?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do you think it's lousy? or is it just that it comes from Microsoft?

12:06 PM  
Blogger Sam Krupa said...

Have you used iTunes recently? Compared to iTunes MSN music is pretty bad.

3:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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