December 22, 2004

Revisited: Gmail has a Atom feed

Even though most Gmail accounts don't have a little button that says "Atom" (as in the picture below), you can still access it using this link. If you put that link in your news feed reader it will ask you for you Gmail username and password. Then you will be able to see a small part of all you unread messages in Gmail. One thing that I find interesting about the Gmail Atom feed link is that if you use it when the option to "remember me" is on when you sign-in to Gmail it does not ask for a password related to your Gmail account, I guess this is becouse it looks for a cookie with you Gmail info in it.

UPDATE: Now all Gmail accounts, I believe, have meta info in the HTML tags that point to the Atom feed. This means that if you use a web browser like Mozilla Firefox it will give you a option to subscribe to Gmail's Atom feed and make it a Live Bookmark, which means you can get your eMail from your bookmarks!


Matt said...

very cool!

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