November 28, 2004

My Ubuntu Linux Arrived

Ubuntu Linux is a new Linux flavor based on the new Gnome 2.8 and it includes the latest other key applications, every version of Ubuntu is also supported with security updates for 18 months. The first public release of Ubuntu was the Ubuntu 4.10 Preview (codenamed "the Warty Warthog", or just "warty"). Plus you can order a free CD from them (S &H included) instead of burning you own. So I ordered about 10, because they want everyone giving them to friends, and today, 2 months later, it came. The CD and packaging itself is beautiful. Each x86 (PC) based package includes 2 CDS, one is a live boot CD and the other one is a full-fledged install CD. So I booted up using the live CD. The first thing I noticed is that it hides all the start-up text you usually see in Linux with a nice start-up picture. Once I was all booted up I noticed that my keyboard did not work, but I was still able to mouse around. The actual interface of Ubuntu is beautiful. Instead of having a start-menu type thing like most versions of Linux have it has a more Mac OS X type thing were all the options are brilliantly organized in a menu bar at the top. Ubuntu's default web-browser is Firefox! Much better then the default web-browser on other Linux versions. Here is a list of all the stuff I thought was very cool about Ubuntu Linux and separated it greatly from other Linux versions (this might actually be a good Windows replacement if you can get the keyboard to work).

1. I was able to do almost everything a average user would want to do without seeing one command-line screen.

2. Automatic scroll wheel mouse support.

3. The open source alliterative to Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, is included and works beautifully.

4. Little things like the way the menu bar clock works and the way the background dims, like in Windows, when to go to the logout screen.

5. It was able to easily connect to my Windows network without using any Unix commands!

6. I was able to see my CD-rom drive, hard drive, and file system easily.

Go here for more info about Ubuntu Linux and to order a CD

P.S. They even have a PowerPC (Mac) version of Ubuntu Linux.

UPDATE: I was using a USB keyboard so in order to get it to work I had to go into the boot options . Also, I was looking at the built-in screensavers and man they are cool!


SPD214 said...

This looks really cool. Thanks for the info. I just ordered mine!!!!

5:45 PM  
aichpvee said...

This has got to be the single saddest attempt at writing I have ever witnessed. And I have taken english classes at an art school with a high population of non-native speakers.

Your obvious lack of technical standing to be writing a "review" of any Linux distribution barely seems worth mentioning in contrast.

1:01 AM  

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