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Mac and PC Compatible Cross-platform Portable Firefox 1.5 Revision 2
Portable Firefox is the popular Mozilla Firefox web browser packaged as a cross-platform portable app, so you can take your bookmarks, extensions, history, cookies, cache, web search engine favorites, and saved passwords with you. It works on both Macs and PCs.

Download - ZIP
Download - DMG

Read Me!
After you download the disk image or zip file containing the files that makeup the cross-platform Portable Firefox, expand them, then drag the "Portable Firefox" folder to the root directory (home) of your portable device (thumb drive, iPod, surgically implanted solid-state memory card, you name it as long as it has 42 megabytes of free space). That's it! Okay now, clicking PortableFirefox.exe on a Windows computer will launch Firefox using the files in your portable profile. On a Mac, clicking "START OS X Firefox" will launch a script that makes your Windows portable Firefox profile folder compatible with Mac, and then it lauches Firefox using that profile. Now, due to a problem in my Mac OS X portable Firefox script, you might need to launch "START OS X Firefox" twice the very first time you download Portable Firefox.

Upgrading Firefox
Simply use Firefox's built-in updater to update Firefox (you will need to run it both on the Mac and Windows versions of Firefox if you want to update both).

How It Works (HIW)
Cross-platform Portable Firefox works by using John Haller's excellent Portable Firefox 1.5 on the Windows side of things, and a little script I made on the Mac side of things. The script basically changes your user profile every time you start Firefox so that it works on Mac and PC. The reason why is simple: as I am sure some of you have figured out, Windows Firefox profiles are not completely compatible with Mac Firefox, only certian files. So I made a script that keeps compatibility between Mac and PC, time consuming, I know, but it works.

Thanks for using Cross-platform Portable Firefox!!

Cross-platform Portable Thunderbird


Cross-platform Portable Firefox 1.5 Revision 2 Released
Here is what is new in Cross-platform Portable Firefox 1.5 Revision 2:
1. No longer requires any editing of text files to configure! (Thanks to Carlo Gandolfi for pointing me to this!)
Download Cross-platform Portable Firefox 1.5 Revision 2 using the download links above.

Cross-platform Portable Firefox 1.5 Released
Here is what is new in Cross-platform Portable Firefox 1.5:
1. Greatly enhenced speed. Firefox 1.5 only requires that one file be synced to maintain cross-platform compatibility.
2. Now uses Firefox 1.5!

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