2331977-13.gif is the world leading supplier of  digital spoken word content with over 5,000 titles excluding subscriptions meaning you will never be bored again! The fact that you don’t even need to carry a book around will let you read more books than you ever thought possible.

When you’re on the road, walking, or just to tight on space to carry any books  having thousands of books in the palm of you hand is  too perfect.
  works through possibly the best overall web-based interface you have or ever will lay eyes on. The interface lets you have a wish-list and search for books and subscriptions through either a basic or advanced search.

You can listen to your finds on Audible's own "Muvu" included FREE with purchase of a 12 month subscription is a 128 MB digital audio player. This MP3 player plays up to 34 hours of Audible content in formats 2 and 3, as well as your favorite MP3 and Windows Media audio files. Compact and lightweight ,only 1.38 (with battery) ounces, the Muvu fits in the palm of your hand.

The Apple iPod is also a excellent way to listen to list to your content. It’s lighter than two CDs, can hold up to 10,000 songs, thousands of digital photos and works as a personal voice recorder. Now you can sync with iTunes for Mac and Windows at blazing speeds, and take your entire music collection with you wherever you go. Available for Mac and Windows starting at $299. You can also burn most of them to a CD or listen to them through Apple excellent iTunes software.’s selection of books grows by 150 each week which makes finding the right one ridiculously easy. You can choose from many categories including:
Art & Entertainment
There is also free content that you will actually want to hear. Plus there are subscriptions you can subscribe too.  Most of the subscriptions are are weekly though some are daily like The Wall Street Journal. A sample of the subscriptions would be Car Talk, Fresh Air, and Your Mac Life.

When you purchase a book from it lets you download it in 4 different formats. All of the formats are extremely compressed yet they still sound great. Format 1 is telephone like format 2 is not bad format 3 is good and format 4 is almost pristine
When you download something from it is yours FOREVER, that’s right forever, you own it.

The service costs $15 for basic membership which includes 1-month audio magazine, newspaper or radio program plus one audiobook each month for $14.95 a month.
 and $19.95 for non-basic which includes any two audiobooks each month.

Conclusion is an excellent service that makes it easy to read books, listen to your favorite radio programs and all while in you car driving to work. The web-based interface is fast and easy to use. And most importantly you will enjoy you more  of your day.

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